About Michele

I could write pages about what Yoga means to me, and how it is part of my life, also the blessing it has brought my way.
I attended my first Yoga class at the age of 16, and was hooked from the start. The teacher appeared to me then to be ancient, but how could she have so much life and be so so inspiring at that age, she was probably only in her late 60's. I am now in my 60s so already ancient myself. I thank her so much for introducing me to Yoga.
I feel as young today as I did the day I walked into her class.
No matter who you are or where you come from, there will be times in your life that are challenging and difficult, and how you deal with the challenge is so important. Yoga is a box of tools that you can dip into to use to change your attitudes, your health, your strength, your confidence and the way you look and feel about yourself.
This in turn affects the way you respond to all situations difficult or challenging. It brings physical emotional and mental balance back into your life. It teaches you to relax; it is both curative and preventative practice. Yoga is age old and proven over centuries. It is the oldest philosophy of health and well being there is. There are thousands of books, DVD's and information available, however in the end none of these can change your life until you experience the practice yourself. So please come and try your first session FREE of charge.
It's never too late to start living well. In the meantime just try this . Close your eyes and be still, Concentrate on your breath as it comes in through the nostrils and out again. Just focus and follow every breath with your mind. Breathe long slow steady and relaxed breaths. From stillness comes peace.